Heartbreak is released!

I’m so excited about this one, y’all! I really like this dark little fantasy story.

‘“They said that magic, real magic, not the shite that the hedge witches peddled with all their little bags of powders and herbs, could only be performed in exchange for a human heart.”

Plain, pragmatic, and sharp-tongued, Foss Butcher thinks that magic is for the frivolous idiots that populate her …


On Sunday, I got engaged to my love, Kenny! We met two years ago at Sherwood Forest Faire when he played me a serenade. It was captured on film. He proposed in the exact same spot with the exact same serenade on Sunday. It was perfect.

We celebrated our anniversary today with brunch at the place at which we had our first date, a visit …

Sherwood Forest Faire

I work at Sherwood Forest Faire as a fairy on the weekends — well, as two fairies. On Saturdays, I am Ella, a woodland fairy who performs at Merlin’s show. On Sundays, I am Dulcimer, a sugar fairy who roams about the faire selling Rennies: Book One. Here are a few snaps of my fairy bookselling adventures!


It’s a Wonderful Life (it really is, though)

I wanted to share a little bit about the place where I live and write. We’re out in the country, with cows and mules for neighbors, and it’s just gorgeous out here. We have Marvin the Mole digging ridiculous quantities of holes in our yard; we have cute little field mice; we have lumbering armadillos; we have two silver foxes that appear from time to …

The journey of ‘Rennies’ (so far!)

At the start of the year, when I was very unhappy in my teaching job and feeling trapped ( I LOVE teaching, but the school I worked at was too rough for me, and so I felt I did very little actual teaching and mostly managed behavior), I set myself an audacious goal. I had to go big. I had to feel like I had …

‘Heartbreak,’ coming April/May 2018!




I’m so excited to announce that my dark YA fantasy novella, Heartbreak, will be coming out next month! The cover was once again designed by the wonderful Sandi Johnson. I will share more details as they become available but, for now, here’s an excerpt from the start of the book:

“They said that magic, real magic, not the shite that the hedge …