One of the most beautifully written, sad, magical, yet clear-eyed novels I've read by any author for many years.—Wales Arts Review

My name is Andrea Eames, and I'm an English author living in Texas after seventeen years in Zimbabwe, and eight in New Zealand. I write books and poetry, coach and mentor writers, and edit their books. I have an MFA in Creative Writing from the University of Canterbury in New Zealand.

I have had two adult novels published so far (The Cry of the Go-Away Bird and The White Shadow, which was shortlisted for the 2012 Dylan Thomas prize) both set in my homeland of Zimbabwe. I also write poetry. My first collection, The Making of Stones, was released in February 2016, and the second, New Monsters, was released in March 2017. My children's book, Rennies, the first in a series about the lives of kids who live and work full-time in the Renaissance Faire, came out in early 2018, and my first YA novel, Heartbreak, was released this month. You can buy all my books online through Amazon or Book Depository, as well as the links listed on the Shop page!

Currently, I am working on a middle-grade novel, The Lucky Black C.A.T., which will be the first in The Lost Land Chronicles and will be released in July 2018.  I am also working on Rennies: Book Two, and the second Lost Land installment, as well as another novel set in Zimbabwe.

When I'm not writing, I coach other writers and edit their work. I also work as a fairy at Sherwood Forest Faire. Occasionally, I am a unicorn.

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