Painted Houses

The little town of Zalipie in Poland has a tradition of painting its houses like this, and it’s just so gorgeous. I want to do something like this on one of the exterior walls of our house.


My Wizard’s Cottage

I bought a new dollhouse from Goodwill ready to turn into my Wizard’s Cottage! I’ve renovated and sold three dollhouses in the past, but this is one that I plan to spend a lot of time on and keep for our kids (when they’re old enough to safely play with small things).

I’ve been collecting all sorts of magical bits and pieces for the interior, …

New Book and New Hat

I found this 1962 story collection in Goodwill (the Collier’s Junior Classics Once Upon a Time collection), and it has the most beautiful midcentury illustrations.

I also received this very sensible winter hat. Just in time for the chilly weather!


Bookshelves and Kids’ Rooms

It has been cold and rainy all week here in central Texas, and I DO NOT LIKE IT. Well, I don’t mind the cold, but I struggle with rainy, grey days when they go on for too long. It sets my brain weasels to spinning (brain weasels are nocturnal and don’t like the light). It might be time to rummage in the shed and get …

Designing a Wizard’s Cottage

It’s no secret that I love miniatures. I have renovated and furnished three full dollhouses in the past, making all kinds of tiny furniture and accessories, but that took a back seat when I moved to a human-sized house that needed renovating and furnishing! I have been collecting odds and ends for a new one, however – a wizard’s cottage. After all, what small person …