The Making of Stones

tmstA powerful, lyrical exploration of what it means to be lover, wife, daughter and mother.
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In The Making of Stones, poet Andrea Eames takes us through a journey of such profound intimacy and honesty one can’t help but come away feeling a little stunned. The opening poem, ‘If You Love Me’ could easily be as much for the reader as for an unnamed lover, as it perfectly encapsulates what this breathtaking collection is all about: the too-much, the all-encompassing nature of being female. In these pieces, Eames artfully blends vulnerability, sensuality, and spirit with lyrical language and poetic technique, and in the process creates a collection that makes us feel that everything—life, love, the world itself—is too much to experience sanely, and yet, that this is what makes it perfect.”Sarah Hackley Montalbano, author of The Things We Lose

The Making of Stones begins with an autopsy and ends with a question. In between is all open-eyed, tender terror. Everything is seen and felt and tasted and heard here. Hold your breath, dive in, immerse yourself fully. Become what the poet wants you to become: a lover, undressed and intrepid before her. I dare you.”Jenna Martin Opperman