It’s a Wonderful Life (it really is, though)

I wanted to share a little bit about the place where I live and write. We’re out in the country, with cows and mules for neighbors, and it’s just gorgeous out here. We have Marvin the Mole digging ridiculous quantities of holes in our yard; we have cute little field mice; we have lumbering armadillos; we have two silver foxes that appear from time to time; we have a road runner; we have a family of cardinals; we have Archimedes the Owl hooting softly outside our bedroom window; and all kinds of other critters who occupy our space with us (as well as the three cats that live indoors). Our house is filled with books and music—Kenny is a wonderful musician. We are also lucky enough to have two stepdaughters, one of whom lives with us full-time. Life is pretty good.

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