Editing Services


I have twelve years of editing experience, as well as an MFA and a post-graduate qualification in Book Publishing that covered editing, marketing, typesetting and production. I love working with other writers! My goal is to perfect and polish their work, while keeping their voice intact.

I am a very responsive and hands-on editor, and I work closely with you to make sure we are on the same page (pardon the pun!). I offer manuscript consultation and editing, tackling everything from flow and voice to structure and plot, as well as providing detailed line edits to achieve a polished and publishable result.

Manuscript Review

The first step in working together is a Manuscript Review. I will read your manuscript and assess what kind of editing it needs, and whether we would be a good fit. The pricing varies because longer books not only have more words, but also have greater complexity and depth, and require more time to assess.

Manuscript Review <60k words — $99
Manuscript Review 60—75k words — $199
Manuscript Review >75k words — $399

Email me at andrea.eames[at]gmail.com or call +1 512-212-0243 to book your Manuscript Review.


This is the simplest form of editing, covering spelling and grammatical errors. Generally, you will hire a proofreader after you have already been through a more rigorous edit. ($0.05/word).

Line Edit

A line edit is one step up from proofreading. As well as spelling and grammatical errors, the line editor will search for structural and continuity issues, factual errors, sentence structure, unnatural dialogue, plot holes and so on. ($0.20/word).

Full Edit

A full edit is much more substantive, almost closer to ghost-writing than to editing. It involves revising as well as editing, rearranging and sometimes deleting chapters and passages, making suggestions for rewrites, and so on. It’s a full manuscript overhaul, and a very good idea if you want to get your work to a publishable standard. ($0.50/word).

Proofreading — $0.05/word
Line Editing — $0.20/word
Full Editing — $0.50/word

Email me at andrea.eames[at]gmail.com or call +1 512-212-0243 to discuss your editing needs.


I hired Andrea to do the copy-editing on my second novel, hoping she would find any inconsistencies or plot problems that I had missed. She went above and beyond what I expected. She treated the novel with affection and respect, yet scrutinized it with meticulous detail and a professional editor’s eye for grammar, syntax and voice. She even helped me solve a plot problem that had been nagging me for years. I would highly recommend her to anyone.” — Carolyn Cohagan, author of The Lost Children and the upcoming Time Zero.

“Andrea’s attention to my poems has been invaluable. Her suggestions are adept and in keeping with the given poem at hand. She helped bring shape to rougher drafts and to trim and enliven others. Meaning is not sacrificed for the sake of concision, though the poems are invariably more concise from her dispatch. Most useful, thoroughly recommended.” — Aaron Glover