Designing a Wizard’s Cottage

It’s no secret that I love miniatures. I have renovated and furnished three full dollhouses in the past, making all kinds of tiny furniture and accessories, but that took a back seat when I moved to a human-sized house that needed renovating and furnishing! I have been collecting odds and ends for a new one, however – a wizard’s cottage. After all, what small person wouldn’t like a wizard’s cottage to play with? Whether we have a boy or a girl, I can guarantee they’re going to be big fans of magic and myth. OR ELSE.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite miniature inspirations that I’ve gathered recently:

And check out these amazing structures!

You can read about the Mouse House’s creation (and see close-up images) here.

Not a miniature, but look at these gorgeous pieces of cutlery, designed by Salvador Dali!

Now I want to go and play with my miniatures.

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