The Wizard has Landed!

I received my copies of The Wizard’s Heir yesterday, and they look great! If you haven’t already, check out the first book in The Lost Land Chronicles, The Lucky Black C.A.T., where the adventure begins. Both books are available online as paperbacks and Kindle editions. If you would like a signed copy of one or both books, contact me directly at andrea[dot]eames[at]gmail[dot]com, and we …

The Lost Land Chronicles continue!

I just submitted the files for The Wizard’s Heir, the second book in The Lost Land Chronicles, so very soon these two friends will be sharing shelf space!

Next up, I’ll be searching for a home for my new adult novel, The Strength of a Fish, as well as working on the second book in the Rennies series, and its accompanying website.


The Lost Land Chronicles, Book One (Book Two coming this month!)

My latest—but also not-so-latest—book, The Lucky Black C.A.T., was released last month. Re-released, rather. This book was originally published in 2001, by Roger Stringer of TextPertise, in Zimbabwe. It was my first ever published novel—I wrote it when I was fifteen—and was heavily reliant on books I had read and loved, such as C.S. Lewis’s The Chronicles of Narnia, Tolkien’s The Hobbit, Alan Garner’s The …

Heartbreak Inspiration Images

When I’m writing a new book, I often create a Pinterest board of images that summon up aspects of my story. Here are some of the images I collected for Heartbreak (and yes, that is Kylo Ren).

“They said that magic, real magic, not the shite that the hedge witches peddled with all their little bags of powders and herbs, could only be performed in

Why I’m Coaching

As well as offering editing services to authors, I have started offering coaching sessions as well. Why?

Because trying to get a book written and published is the worst.

The. Worst.

You’re so excited by your story. You’re in love with your characters. And then, you start looking for an agent, or a publisher, and your story seems trite, your characters cardboard cut-outs, your plot …

The journey of ‘Rennies’ (so far!)

At the start of the year, when I was very unhappy in my teaching job and feeling trapped ( I LOVE teaching, but the school I worked at was too rough for me, and so I felt I did very little actual teaching and mostly managed behavior), I set myself an audacious goal. I had to go big. I had to feel like I had …